Crayle is one half of cosplay duo, Phoenix Sisters Cosplay.

Their free content can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


Crayle first started cosplaying in 2013, and began under the (now abandoned) moniker, Crayle Cosplay.

While she has some very basic sewing skills, her real passions in cosplay are for prop building, couponing/material budgeting, and role play.

Her really amazing cosplays were built after joining Kelly, who has the real sewing skills.


In 2018, Kelly teamed up with her close friend Crayle, and they formed Phoenix Sisters Cosplay.

Since then, they have never looked back, donning at least one costume a month for a vast array of events and content streams.

They organize group shoots, take duo photos, and support each other in their other hobbies and professional endeavors.

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Cosplay Guesting

Phoenix Sisters Cosplay will be cosplay guests and contest judges at CIL-CON 2023. Crayle will also be selling her Pokeballs, and Kelly will be selling and signing her books.

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Hey Phoenix Sisters, who does your photography?

We work with a range of INCREDIBLY talented photographers, including both of our spouses.

For solo shoots, we even sometimes each find the other Phoenix Sister behind the camera.

But we’d like to give a very special shoutout to Lacy Clagg Photography, for going above and beyond on the locations, special effects editing, and ever-understanding scheduling she puts into our photoshoots.