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Crayle is a host and regular contributor on three different video podcasts on the Cereal Box Network (a pop culture channel with millions of viewers and listeners across several streaming and viewing platforms).


Cosplay Cafe

About the show:

Cosplay Cafe is a twice monthly web show hosted live by Kelly Guentner, Andrea Starnes, and Crayle Vanest, featuring a different cosplay guest every episode.

Each episode focuses on a specific theme, complete with guests and hosts in full costume, viewer submitted photos, and the (in)famous cosplay cat walk to show off the craftsmanship of the costumes.

Regular viewers and newcomers alike light up the comment section, usually causing total hilarity. But also, wholesome moments abound when the topics of body positivity and the therapeutic aspects of costuming and the cosplay community arise.

Cosplay Cafe is sponsored by YCosplay.com. Use this link to get a discount on your next cosplay accessory order.

Listen on Facebook, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. See cosplay highlights and recaps on Instagram.

Find all of our content here: https://linktr.ee/cosplaycafepodcast

Don’t forget to check out the results of our Lone Wolf Comics x Cosplay Cafe cosplay contest that we ran this year!

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Gilmore Sisters: A Rant Podcast

Gilmore Sisters: A Rant Podcast is a fan show, hosted by Kelly and Crayle of Phoenix Sisters Cosplay, centering around the show Gilmore Girls.

Like all of Crayle’s shows, it is part of the Cereal Box Podcast Network.

On the Gilmore Sisters Podcast, Crayle and Kelly rant and rave about all their likes, dislikes, fan theories, and left-field head canons about the family drama that people just can’t stop watching even after all these years.

Listen on Facebook, YouTube, or Spotify Podcasts.

And make sure to comment your own fan theories and opinions.

Back Issue Breakfast Club

Crayle is also a co-host of Back of the Cereal Box, most frequently seen on the Back Issue Breakfast Club segments. Back of the Cereal Box is the flagship show of The Cereal Box Network.

Her reviews help new comic readers find a place to start, and help seasoned comic readers decide which titles to prioritize on their “to be read” lists.

Find Back Issue Breakfast Club reviews anywhere that you can view (or listen to) Back of the Cereal Box episodes.

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Comic Books: The New Class

Crayle joins her friend Ryan Permison once a month on Comic Books: The New Class.

It airs every third Tuesday of the month, on the Comic Books: The New Class YouTube and Facebook accounts. Like and subscribe soon.

Comic Books: The New Class was born after Ryan and Crayle had a conversation about how so many of their friends had been reading comics for 30+ years, while they have only been reading them for 5-8.

Ryan had a light bulb moment, and now he and Crayle give recommendations to new readers, and talk about how to combat imposter syndrome as a new comic book enthusiast. They are welcoming the new generation of geeky comic consumers.

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