Crayle edits fiction novels of all lengths, with a focus in fantasy and sci-fi.

She currently has very limited openings for manuscripts, due to all of her current authors being mid-series, so use the contact forms on the site to inquire your manuscript ASAP.

Crayle is exceptionally proud to have worked with the writers below. It’s a privilege to be involved in bringing their stories to life.

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Supervillains are people too. They’re not always megalomaniacs with dreams of world domination. Sometimes they’re just people doing whatever they must to get by.
Aidan Grey is a college student with goals for the future, a drive to succeed, and little time for romance. She’s also a woman with a secret. At eleven, she was orphaned due to the accidental use of her pyrokinetic abilities. She was taken in by the secret criminal organization known as Iris and trained to use her abilities for the organization’s profit.
Marty Knox is a police detective who loves his family, tries to genuinely make a difference in the world and falls hard for Aidan. He shows up just as Aidan is starting to question her loyalties to Iris and she’s surprised to find that she can’t resist him, even if it would be dangerous to get involved with someone on the right side of the law.
What Aidan doesn’t realize is that Marty has a secret of his own, one that would endanger both their lives if discovered by Iris.

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After quite literally burning their bridges with the villainous organization Iris and the super hero alliance known as the Solaris Circle, Marty and Aidan are living on the run. 
After a traumatic childhood, Aidan, a.k.a Scorcher, was taken in by the villainous and elusive organization known as Iris. 
Meanwhile, police officer Marty was living a double life as well under the moniker, Chill, alongside the other super heroes in the Solaris Circle. 
Now, they’re a couple, pursued by villain and hero alike. But they still have a common mission. 
Will they be able to take down Iris all on their own? Will their relationship survive the strain of life on the lam? 
On top of everything else though, an even darker plot emerges as they grapple with the challenges they already face. Can they set everything else aside to thwart this greater evil? 

Thin Ice, the thrilling sequel to Scorcher, answers these questions, and asks new ones too.

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Vincent Caine, aka Black Rain, is missing and presumed dead. Case refuses to believe so. She believes that he is still alive in the wastelands of Atlanta, Georgia. With the help of Ivory, the sexy yet deadly assassin, they agree to take on a job for a dangerous crime syndicate that promises to get them a way into Atlanta. Little do either of them know… the mission may not be as simple as it seems…

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Zillah Harvey was once just another faceless worker in the grimy underbelly of Victorian London. A chance encounter with a knife-wielding madman almost ended her life… and awoke the preternatural powers in her blood. Using those powers to become a medium, communing with the spirits of the dead, she soon found herself swept up in the horrifying realities of the occult. From sinister Carpathian noblemen and ancient Greek monsters to ghostly Templar churches and haunted idols, these thirteen tales see Zillah investigate and battle evil from the lonely Atlantic coast of Ireland to the rural heart of France…

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Britain, 1899. Young orphan Elise Cooper applies for a job as governess. Leaving the bustling city to work for a rural aristocrat should have been peaceful, and yet… Hardly has Elise settled in at the remote Barsetshire estate of Greenmere House before she finds evidence that her employers are at the center of an ancient mystery. She quickly realizes that her understanding of history and the world around her are about to be fundamentally challenged.Armed only with her good common sense and strange abilities she didn’t know she had, Elise finds herself pulled into a shadowy otherworld, the scene of a great battle between good and evil. Can she prove her worth and rise above the challenges, and in the process save Britain from the evil powers that lurk in the darkness?

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For twelve thousand years, a war has been fought in the shadows of our world, a war fought with fangs and malice, against the souls and courage of man…
In the darkness of the deepest forests and within the shadows of the greatest cities, the night people – vampires, ghouls, imps and even stranger, more sinister foes – hunt and horrify the living. Against them stand brave warriors, some mortals, others the immortal Champions of the angels of Limbo – mortal or immortal, none of them are merely ordinary.

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This collection of short stories by speculative fiction author Paul Leone (The Hungry Dead of Yü-ching and Other Stories and Kung Fu Antipopes and Other Strange Stories) contains nine tales of paranormal action, alternate history, period fantasy and horror.
Travel from the nightmarish streets of Berlin in a world where the Third Reich survived into the 21st century to ancient China, the empty mountains of Afghanistan at the height of the war against the Taliban and finally a quiet twilight in rural England.

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In a quiet corner of England lies the county of Barsetshire, nestled between Somerset and Wiltshire. This rural landscape is of little note to the average Briton today, who sees little more than woodlands and fields, and not the strangeness that lurks beneath. In the shadows of the Lobwold and the back alleys of Barchester, mystery abounds if you know where… and how… to look.
Webs and Shadows pulls back the curtain on the hidden history of Barsetshire, from the aftermath of the Ice Age to the end of the second Elizabethan Age, and contains nine weird tales set in ‘the edge of nowhere.’ Pierce the webs and cast light into the shadows as you tread the secret paths of Barsetshire between the First and Final Champions of the British Isles.

(Crayle received a special thanks on this one)


Kung Fu Antipopes is the latest collection of short stories from Paul Leone, the author of The Mysteries of Zillah Harvey and The Hungry Dead of Yü-ching, gathering together thirteen tales that range across the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres – and more!
Encounter werewolves in the icy-cold depths of Alaska, an enigmatic biker drawn into a bizarre mystery in a rural setting, the brutal fate of a colony at the far edges of space, antediluvian enigmas in North Africa, and a twisted nature spirit that inhabits an entirely different world.
From the streets of New York City to the depths of outer space, let Kung Fu Antipopes take you on a journey that will demonstrate, once and for all, that our universe is far more dangerous than we could ever begin to comprehend.

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Five-hundred years after Earth vanished, the remnants of humanity live as subjugates of an oppressive alien race, the Bokori. Resisting their egalitarian at any costs culture, a burgeoning Human separatist movement thrives by occupying the Bokori homeworld’s jungle moon.
Adam Mortis finds himself unwillingly at the helm of this crusade upon the death of his father. Ignored by the wider galactic community and even opposed by many members of his own race, Adam must battle against all odds to free his people, as well as confront his inner demons spawned by the months of torture at the hands of the Bokori’s cultural police, allowing humanity to chart their own path with a sense of cultural identity they’ve not had in centuries.
Unbeknownst to everyone, a whisper in the depths of deep space heralding the awakening of far greater, ancient powers threaten to render Adam’s cause moot.
Havera, a mysterious scholar of the influential, colorful Cauduun race, is a harbinger of events to come. Her own personal mission will unknowingly drag Adam and a group of ragtag alien partners into a primeval conflict involving deities, a near-mythical alien race of unspeakable destruction, and long-lost magical artifacts that form the very core of life itself in our galaxy.
The first of these “Vitriba” is the…ORB OF EMANCIPATION.

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Crayle goes above and beyond with her editing packages! She is very good at giving constructive criticism that can strengthen a story. She picks out areas where the story and characters can be expanded on and developed further, as well as unnecessary elements of the story and she helped me so much in getting over certain parts of my story that had me stuck. She’s also an expert when it comes to grammar and crafting writing that is concise and flows beautifully. She is also very good at giving the feedback in a way that is both direct and honest while also being sure to affirm and uplift and encourage the writers she works with. 10/10, would absolutely work with her again! 

-Kelly Guentner-Edwards
Author of The Forces of Nature series

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