Pokeballs by Crayle

While Crayle can make you a unicorn or dragon diorama and whatnot, her bread and butter is Pokemon-themed items. So at conventions, she goes by: Pokeballs by Crayle.

Each item is unique, and handmade. The Pokeballs include a clear, acrylic ring stand for display.

Crayle carries some inventory of pre-made items in her webstore, and takes fully customizable requests.

To put in a custom order, reach out to her on Facebook, Instagram, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

GIFs with a 360 degree view can be found at the bottom of the page.

Kanto Project – All Original 151 Pokemon!

Crayle is working on a gallery of all original 151 Pokemon.

It’s taking a while, because a lot of her budget for figures goes to frequently selling Pokemon.

To contribute to this project, join the Pokeballs by Crayle Patreon. Members get coupons, votes on which Pokemon should be built next, a little input on how they’re made, and thank you gifts.

See the gallery so far HERE.

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Something for Everyone

Below are some examples of my most popular products, but to see a full list of product types, click here.

Standard Size Examples

Standard Pokeballs are 5.5 inches in diameter (a little bigger than a softball). Prices start at $65 USD.

Medium Size Examples

Medium Pokeballs are roughly 4.7 inches in diameter (about the size of a baseball). Prices start at $40 USD.

PokeMugs and Other Items

Prices and sizes vary. Common items include mugs, planters, cloches, trinket trays, sand buckets, and popcorn containers. Have an idea for a Poke-item? Message Pokeballs by Crayle.

Giant Pokeballs

Giant Pokeballs are 7.87 inches in diameter (a little bigger than a large cantaloupe). They start at $125, and can hold up to 9 Pokemon, depending on several factors.

Notes about ordering:

  • Pokeballs by Crayle ships almost anywhere in the world, provided that shipping is paid by the customer. Arrival of the product can only be guaranteed in the United States, however.
  • Custom orders require a $20-50 non-refundable deposit (with some limited exceptions).
  • After a deposit is received, payment of the remainder is due when the customers receive the completed item’s photographs. If the remainder is not paid within 90 days of receiving photos, the original deposit is void and the item can be sold to anyone — UNLESS an extension is granted. Extensions are usually granted any time they are asked for. Communication is key.
  • Custom orders take varying amounts of time to complete, depending on whether or not any special supplies need to be ordered. Custom orders are usually able to be shipped between 5 and 30 days from receiving the deposit.
  • Regular inventory purchases are usually shipped within 3-5 days of receiving payment.
  • Read our refund and return policies here.

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Pokeballs by Crayle products are viewed excellently from every angle.