How to gift a custom Pokemon item

Want bring their favorite game to life with a custom Pokemon diorama or Pokeball, but don’t know much about Pokemon?

Don’t worry. Pokeballs by Crayle has you covered.

There are three excellent approaches to ordering a custom Pokemon item, outlined below.

Method 1:

If you already know their favorite Pokemon, you’re in great shape. Just tell me, and I’ll suggest some environments and scenes that match that Pokemon in the games or the anime. You can use your gut to choose from my suggestions.

If you don’t already know which Pokemon is their favorite, you may be able to subtly ask if it comes up.

The items below were all well-received as gifts when someone knew the person’s favorite Pokemon.

Method 2:

If you don’t know their favorite Pokemon, and you’re worried that asking will give your surprise away, I can still help.

There are 5 Pokeballs by Crayle top sellers that are popular with almost all Pokemon fans. Use your best guess to pick from those.

The customization comes in with the scenery design from here. We’ll put the Pokemon you chose in a setting that is very specific to the gift-receiver.

The photo below is a perfect example. The person receiving the gift’s favorite Pokemon changed often. However, the gift recipient loves bananas.

So we made a Pichu having a picnic with some bananas.

When in doubt, Pikachu is always an option. Pikachu is the mascot of the franchise overall.

You might give something like either of these to a Pokemon-lover who also likes plants.

An item like the Pikachu mug below may be a great option for high school or college students to put in their desk. The title I gave it was “Pikachu is tired of studying.”

And there are so many other things I can take into consideration.

I can add their favorite flowers, put the Pokemon on the beach if that’s their favorite vacation, add art supplies if the giftee is an artist, and so on.

Just use what you know about the person you want to give the gift to.

Method 3:

The last method is tried and true. They’re guaranteed to get something they’ll like… Because they’ll design it themselves.

Pokeballs by Crayle offers gift cards, like the example below.

The gift card is easy to use. I’ll send you a copy to your e-mail, and you can forward it to the giftee whenever you’re ready.

If you need something physical for the giftee to unwrap, let me know. I’ll mail you something for the cost of the postage.

Choosing a dollar amount is easy too.

Items like the ones below cost $25 to $40

A medium Pokeball like the ones below costs $50.

And a standard Pokeball costs $65.

U.S. shipping is $8.

So, you can go with whatever is in your budget, and I’ll help the person design something they like within the gift card’s value.

Getting a custom Pokemon item when you don’t know a lot about Pokemon is easier than it probably seems at the outset.

Whatever information you already have, I can help you out to make sure you get them the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift.

Gifting events can be stressful, but I promise to make sure the process is as easy for you as possible, while still giving an incredibly personal gift.

How do I place an order with Pokeballs by Crayle?

It’s easy.

To see pre-made items or order a “choose-a-scene” item, visit the Pokeballs by Crayle storefront.

To order a fully customized item, message me through the website, or either of these social media sites.

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