Want an extra discount?

Pokeballs by Crayle is a small business. Tiny, really. As in, it’s run by just me (though my husband helps where he can).

So the community of people spreading the word about my art means the world to me.

That’s why I offer extra discounts for those who invite people to like my social media pages, or leave reviews on my Facebook business page.

What the discount is can vary a little, but it’s usually about $5 off your order.

Just do one of two things:

  1. Invite people to like my pages (username @PokeballsbyCrayle) on either Facebook or Instagram. Message the page to let me know the names of people who accept your invite.
  2. Leave a review under the “recommendations” tab on my Facebook page. (This offer is only for previous customers who have placed and received an order.)

If you need help figuring out how to do either of these things, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to walk you through it. Just message me through whichever account you’re trying to make the invites or review through.

These discount offers never expire, and are even transferrable!

That means that if you don’t foresee making another order in the near future, but have a friend who wants to, you can give me their name, and I’ll give them the $5 off.

I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate every person who comments on a post, shares my pages, or recommends me to their friends.

But hopefully this discount shows some of my gratitude.

Thank you again,
Owner of Pokeballs by Crayle

How do I place an order with Pokeballs by Crayle?

It’s easy.

To see pre-made items or order a “choose-a-scene” item, visit the Pokeballs by Crayle storefront.

To order a fully customized item, message me through the website, or either of these social media sites.

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