2022 Year In Review

Crayle did her own version of “Wrapped” with stats about her year in the Pokeball biz.

1: Total number of items made

Crayle made, by hand, a grand total of 644 items!

2: Top 5 Custom Requested Pokemon

  1. Haunter
  2. Pikachu
  3. Bulbasaur
  4. Umbreon
  5. Espeon

3: Top-Requested Re-design

Crayle made different variations of Magikarp in a small fishbowl over 10 times in 2022.

4: Top Pokemon Made by Number

Here are the top 10 most-made Pokemon for the year.

  1. Pikachu
  2. Bulbasaur
  3. Charmander
  4. Squirtle
  5. Eevee
  6. Vaporeon
  7. Cubone
  8. Umbreon
  9. Espeon
  10. Mimikyu

5: Percentage of Products by Pokemon

We made so many different Pokemon that there weren’t room for all their names on pie chart in 2022.

But out of 644 items, 7.4% of them featured Pikachu.
Most of the Eeveelutions also made up at least 1%.

6: Conventions Attended

Crayle was present at a tattoo grand opening and had booths at 5 different comic conventions in 2022!

Bonus stat:

This was the first year in our existence that Eevee didn’t make the top 5 for custom requested Pokemon.

Don’t worry, Eevee. We’re sure you’ll gain on them again in 2023.

How do I place an order with Pokeballs by Crayle?

It’s easy.

To see pre-made items or order a “choose-a-scene” item, visit the Pokeballs by Crayle storefront.

To order a fully customized item, message me through the website, or either of these social media sites.

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